Stay at start Venabygdsfjellet

Stay at one of our nice resort hotel by the start at Venabufjellet.

Stay at Sjusjøen/Lillehammer

Our partnere is Rustad Hotel at Sjusjøen and HI Lillehammer – Stasjonen Hotel in Lillehammer

Lillehammer Troll Ski Marathon saturday April 14th 2018

Probably the world’s most scenic cross country ski course. Challenge yourself on XC skis.

Lillehammer Trollski Marathon takes place in april every year when the days are longer and the temperature rather mild. Choose between 120 K, 95 K or 45 K and enjoy skiing long distance in the heart of the Norwegian mountains. The marathon starts in Venabu, Ringebufjellet  and ends in Sjusjøen. The terrain offers variations without any technically difficult sections. The course of this race can be compared to Vasaloppet but with a track crossing a beautiful mountain plateau.

The open mountain landscape will give you a unique experience of challenging the wilderness in a secure and friendly atmosphere. The spirit is as in any long distance trail, friendly and you have to add the specificity of XC skiing, with the excitement of choosing the right wax as the race is an event in classic style.

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