About the race

Racetrack: The Lillehammer Troll Ski Marathon is a XC race goes in good groomed tracks, in one of the most wonderfull mountain area Norway can offer. In 2018 the race will offer 4 different race distances 120 K, 95 K, 45 K and 13 K. The race is following the course of the “trollskiløypa” from Venabygdsfjellet to Sjusjøen. The 120 and 95 k starts at Venabygdsfjellet/Ringebu, the 45 k starts at Goppollen/Fåvang Mountain and the 13 K starts at Pellestova in Hafjell/Øyer. The 120 K has the same course as 95 K with an extra loop from Pellestova to Hornsjø,

Cancellation: Should the race be cancelled because of conditions or weather before you have started, you will get 50% refound. After start no refound.

Insurance: Participants from other foreign contries must provide a insuranse from their home skiclub or Ski federation.

Start area and time table: 

Start Venabu -120 K 07:4595 K – 08:00 Venabu  – Skiers in the non-competitive class (turklasse) can start approximately one hour earlier.

Start Goppollen 45 K 11:00 Skiers in the non-competitive class (turklasse) can start approximately one hour earlier.

Start Pellestova 13 K 12:30

Technique/ what to wear: The race will be in classical technique with several controls on the course (FIS regulation). All skiers have to be dressed for eventually bad weather during the race. It is mandatory to all skiers to wear a rucksack including food/ drinks and wind proof and warm clothes. The participants are requested to use protection sun lotion and wear sunglasses. Remember to bring along skiwax.

Time limit/check points: For security reasons there are restrictions at our checkpoints; time limits after which you cannot pass. If you arrive too late at a checkpoint you must abandon the race. Bus transport to Sjusjøen is organized. Under extreme weather conditions the race directors have the right to change the time limits. Following time limits apply: 95 K: Gopollen 13:30, Lisetra 15:45 and Pellestova 17:30, 120K have first time limit Pellestova 15:00.

Skiers reaching the posts after the time limit will be stopped and provided transportation to Sjusjøen after the last skier has passed. Skiers who choose to abandon the race between checkpoints have to call + 47 41203282 at once for security reasons. E-cards timing are taped on the startnumber

Transportation to start areas: The organization committee offers buses from Sjusjøen SkiStadium, Lillehammer and Hafjell to the start areas. Booking and payment online by signing in the race;

Time of departure from Sjusjøen Skistadium (20 minutes later departure from Håkons hall, Lillehammer, 30 minutes later Lillehammer Station and 40 minutes later Hafjell Alpincenter):
– 18:45??  Venabygdsfjellet (start 120, 95) friday april 13th  NOK 220
– 04:30 Venabygdsfjellet saturday april 14th NOK 220
– 07:30 Goppollen (start 45 k) saturday april 14th  NOK 220
– 10:15 Pellestova (start 15 k) saturday april 14th NOK 175
– 18:00 Sjusjøen Skistadium after the race to the start area at Venabygdsfjellet NOK 220

– 14:30 Sjusjøen Ski stadium to Lillehammer approximatly every hour until 18:00 NOK 120


Transportation of luggage is provided from the starting areas to Sjusjøen at finish. This transportation will be under the skiers own responsibility. Deliver your luggage at the starting area. The luggage has to be labed with your start number (tag delivered with your start number/bib).

Showers available at the finish. It is also places for change clothes at the common area at finish.

Reward/prizes: All participants fulfilling the trace get a pin and a diploma. The winners of the ladies and the mens 95 K race get prize money NOK 5000 1/4 of the other racers get a reward. The winners of the 120 K get a gift card NOK 2500 from our sponsors G- Sport Ringebu. You pick up your prizes at the finish area.

Dinner: Dinner is served at the finish for all participants.it is also drinks and foods approximatly every 8 k during the race.

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