Stay at Venabygdsfjellet

The start of the 95 K and 120 K distance is at this resort. Stay at cabins or hotels and enjoy a good early breakfast at Venabu Fjellhotel, Spidsbergseter Resort or Lundes before warming up to the startpoint just few minutes from your accommodation. We offer you also accommodation packages included race fee and transfer – please send us a mail and we give you a offer.


Stay at Sjusjøen

Our partnere at finish at Sjusjøen is Rustad Hotel just 15 min walk/ 10 min skiing from the finish line. Perfect accommodation with full board before and after the race. On raceday it is transfer from the race finish at Sjusjøen Skistadium to al 4 startpoint. Book directly or get accommodation packages including transfer, racefee and hotel – please contact us. 

Stay in Lillehammer

Stay at HI Lillehammer Hostel – Stasjonen hotel and take the bus directly from the doorstep to start on raceday. Stay some days in the city of Lillehammer and do the training before and after the race in the skitracks nearby the city center or at Nordseter/Sjusjøen .  Book direcly on the website or send a mail for a special offer including bustransfer and racefee.

Stay at Pellestova/Hafjell

Pellestova Hotel is the place to be if you appreciate having the XC-tracks right outside your doorstep. Pellestova Hotell is situated in the middle of the Troll Trail and has one of the best areas for XC-skiing. Pellestova has  all you need to charge your batteries and be ready for Troll Ski Marathon. The 13 k starts at Pellestova. Transport will be arranged to the startingpoint of 45k and 95/120k. There will also be arranged transport back to Pellestova Hotell from finish at Sjusjøen after the race on raceday. 

Book direcly on the website or send us a mail if you have some questions: inga @ 

Individuell booking – please remember this:

Venabu Fjellhotell/ Venabu Fjellhytter: Its the nice family hotel at the start of the 120 k /95 k – Choice BUS FROM Sjusjøen to Venabu friday evening . After a good breakfast you can go directly to start. After dinner in Sjusjøen after the race you can relax on the bus back to the hotel. Remember to order transfer to start and return after finish when Sign up. The bus arrive from Sjusjøen after the race appr. 17:00. Troll ski offer: The hotel have special prices to you as a “Troll Skier” – room, winter pention. Booking Venabu

HI hostelling Lillehammer – Stasjonen Hotel: Its on the railway station in the midle of Lillehammer City. On saturday you get packed breakfast before the bus bring you direct to the startpoint of the 120 k, 95 k, 45 k or 13 k.  Return shutle bus from Sjusjøen after the race every hour from 14:20. Remember to order bus when signing up the race. Book today

Rustad Hotel – Nice family hotel at Sjusjøen – Take the bus directly from the Finish at Sjusjøen (starts at the cross contrysstadium appr. 1,5 k from the hotel) and to the startpoint. When you sign up the race rembember to order bus from Sjusjøen – Venabu after the race. Booking Rustad Hotel

Spitsbergseter  Resort–  Nice resort hotel at the start at Venabufjellet. Transfer to the start area in the morning and return after the race from Sjusjøen to Venabu. Remember to order transfer when Sign up the race.  Booking Spidsbergseter

Hafjell Hotel – 

Pellestova Hotell Hafjell.

The 13 k starts at Pellestova. Transport will be arranged to the startingpoint of 45k and 95/120k. There will also be arranged transport back to Pellestova Hotell from Sjusjøen. Remember to book bus when booking the race.  

Book your stay direcly on the website. If you have any questions regarding Pellestova Hotell please send an e-mail to

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