Transportation to Lillehammer – Ringebu

With plain from different destinations you easely can fly to Oslo Gardermoen airport.

From Oslo Gardermoen airport trains goes every hour to Lillehammer – accomondation  in Lillehammer (Stasjonen) or communication with bus to Sjusjøen (Rustad Hotel) or train to Ringebu and transfer bus to Venabygdsfjellet (order transfer at the hotel when you book).

Book transportation train NSB or plain example with norwegian or SAS.

Transportation to start areas
The organization committee offers buses from Sjusjøen Cross Contry Stadium and Lillehammer to the start areas. Booking and payment online by signing in the race;

Time of departure from Sjusjøen Skistadium (departure 20 minutes later from Håkons hall, Lillehammer, 30 minutes later from Lillehammer Station, 40 minutes later from Hafjell Alpincenter) :
– 18:45  Venabygdsfjellet (start 120, 95) friday april 5 th  NOK 300
– 04:20 Venabygdsfjellet saturday april 6th NOK 300
– 07:30 Goppollen (start 45 k) saturday april 6th  NOK 300
– 10:15 Pellestova (start 15 k) saturday april 6th NOK 200
– 14:30 Sjusjøen Ski stadium to Lillehammer approximatly every hour until 18:00 NOK 150

– appr.15:30 and 18:30 Sjusjøen Skistadium after the race to the start area at Venabygdsfjellet NOK 300


Transport for participants breaking off the race from Goppollen and Pellestova to Sjusjøen, after the last skier has passed.

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